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Welcome to the Villa Marine Gallery, where the captivating essence of our coastal haven meets the vibrant world of local artistry. Bianca Grobbelaar, a talented artist, is the creative force behind the beautiful art that graces our guesthouse. We take immense pride in showcasing her work, which you can explore further at her website, The Voice Collective ( Beyond Bianca’s creations, our gallery proudly hosts a diverse array of art, all crafted by local South African artists. Every piece you see here is not only a testament to their talent but also available for purchase. At Villa Marine, we consider our guesthouse a dynamic “gallery” where these exceptional artists have the opportunity to share their work with the public. Dive into a world of creativity, and discover the perfect piece to adorn your space while supporting our local artistic community.

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Art and creativity are woven into Nelia’s life story like a golden thread. From growing up on a farm in the Free State, to the stimulation, exposure, and creative opportunities that Stellenbosch has to offer. Nelia is grateful and privileged to be able to be creative every day. Wool, fabric, sewing, and painting are not only becoming more deeply rooted in the growth and discovery of herself, but also the variety of mediums that she works and experiments with. It remains a fluid process in which she wants to explore each and every element further on the creative journey with the Creator and in collaboration with various artists.
Inge Zelewitz graduated with a BA Honours Degree in Graphic Design in 2000. Her conceptual ideas started out in experimental drawings using ink and toothpicks. This technique introduced her to uncontrolled marks that started out as small sketches, but evolved into images with metaphorical subjects that convey messages of hope. Inge’s contemporary paintings are spontaneous layers of textures and more detailed shapes painted on top. The uncontrolled background becomes her guide for the graphical images layered over. Since 2018 her art is on display at: The Start Gallery in Hermanus and at present she is part of: “Quiddity” an Art exhibition at Daor Contemporary Gallery, V&A Waterfront Cape Town.

Siobhan Tregoning is an artist from Stellenbosch. One of her areas of interest is the texture and viscosity of paint and how different textures and colours interact with one another to create a visual plane. Her process involves many layers of both applying and then removing paint. Each layer represents a certain concept or symbolism which she likens to a layer of prayer or deep conversation. The process is entirely intuitive and experimental.

The painting is complete once she feels that all has been “said” that needs to be said or all has been explored that needs to be explored. This can take anything from a few months to a few years.

Artist Hermien van der Merwe is fascinated by Cape fynbos plants. Living at the foot of Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa, Hermien is embraced by inspiration for her work. She regularly walks along the nearby mountain paths in the Table Mountain Nature Reserve, absorbing her surroundings with all her senses. “I see buds appear, flowers open and seeds form as the seasons change. I smell the foliage and feel the mountain air against my skin. I pause at interesting leaves and cones – feeling their textures,” says Hermien. It is in this walking, seeing, touching, breathing in… that Hermien observes the interaction between fire, drought, and rain on Cape fynbos. She is constantly exploring the parallel between the physical and the spiritual, as she engages with nature as creation. Hermien hopes to raise awareness for fynbos and preserve it for future generations – preferably as a living, adaptable biome but also immortalized in art

A Visual Voice. The artist voice is Lenka which means bright one, light, illumination. She creates from a curious observation of life’s trials and seasons to bring Truth to light. These visual memorials become tangible handles of hope; the beams of a lighthouse pointing to safe dwelling in the hand of our Creator.

Lenka illustrates under the handle Lenkanja: A visual voice. Kanja (originally spelled ‘Khanya’) means enlightenment; to shine. Lenka + Kanja = A light twice as bright, with rays resembling life-giving lines. This is her life’s work, merely an extension of who she was called and created to be.



Covenant 1

Covenant 1
970 x 550mm
Framed in a wooden kiaat frame

Goue maan

Goue Maan

Goue Maan
550 x 430 mm
Framed - Kiaat frame

Twelve Apostles Fynbos II - 5

Twelve Apostles Fynbos II

Lino print on Canson paper
511 x 380 mm

MicrosoftTeams-image (77)

Fynbos I

Lino print - dark brown


Fynbos Brunia 2

Fynbos Brunia

Oil on canvas
800 x 800 mm
Not Framed

Flight Path Through a Storm

Flight Path Through a Storm

Mixed media on canvas
1000 x 2000 mm



Limited fine art illustration (1/20)
210 x 297 mm

Verhart verbrokkel vir lewe

Verhart Verbrokkel Vir Lewe

Original pen illustration
210 x 297 mm