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Lagoon Kayaking

For some lagoon kayaking adventure paired with amazing seafood to power you across the water, we highly recommend a day trip from Villa Marine Guest House to De Vette Mossel just outside of Hermanus.

This laid-back restaurant is located about an hour’s drive from Villa Marine on the sandy shores of the immense Klein River Lagoon. The restaurant, which was first established in 2004 in Mossel Bay, has become synonymous as a superb seafood restaurant. With rustic chairs and tables set up in the sand, De Vette Mossel serves mouth-watering seafood buffets, allowing guests to enjoy their fill of fresh mussels, West Coast snoek, seafood pots, meat potjies and more.

Less well-known than its cuisine are the lifestyle activities that can be enjoyed as a patron of the restaurant. De Vette Mossel hires out canoes, rowing and paddle boats at very affordable rates. Boats are launched from the pier outside the restaurant, allowing quick and easy access to the water. The picturesque Klein Rivier Lagoon is roughly 10km long and just over 2km wide, offering an extensive area of water to explore. The bird life here is prolific and flocks of wild flamingo, which can often be found wading in the brakish lagoon water, are a real highlight of any kayaking of boating excursion, especially when they take flight into formations of pink clouds.

A little closer to Villa Marine, kayaks and paddle boats can also be hired from the Kleinmond Lagoon. Drive to Kleinmond’s main beach parking, which is about 30 minutes’ drive from Villa Marine, and enjoy a cooldrink at the beach restaurant or a picnic on the grassy slopes next to the lagoon. Here you can collect your kayak or boat, launching from the lagoon, paddling under the bridge and up through the reed-lined shores of the Palmiet River.